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Everything I do, I do with passion and intention.

I have always been captivated by people's stories and invested in equal access of goods. I began my career as a mental health professional, working with queer and marginalized youth in downtown Toronto. I provided peer support on a online chat program and that's where my interest in Interactive Media began. While this new interest began to grow, I worked on strengthening my intuition and had the opportunity to create an entirely new Dialectical Behavioural Therapy group for people of colour. From here, the itch to create new, innovative, and needed products began and I delved into the Interactive Media Management program at Centennial College to learn about building successful, digital products

Putting myself through a career change was challenging, and it emphasized the resilience and sense of responsibility required when wanting to make change. The Interactive Media program provided technical skills in UX/UI, content strategy, entrepreneurship, business analytics, and everything else required to make a successful digital product. After creating a successful senior project that a lot of faculty supported, I found myself anew while maintaining my skills from my previous career, including intuition, trust-building, dependability, and self-awareness. 

As an Interactive Media Management professional, I like to marry my experience in mental health with my new-found skillset on projects that are looking to utilize human-centered design. My passion lies in working on projects that are set to benefit the greater good because that's where I started.


My interests lie in mental health, healthcare, and wellness. And my expertise are in youth mental health, content strategy,  UX/UI design, and storytelling. 

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