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Designer    Content Strategist  ✴  Mental Health Advocate

Hello, my name is Anmol
and I am an advocate for digital mental health.

I am a designer and content strategist based in Toronto.
As a previous Mental Health Professional, my passion lies in wellness and mental health-based products, focusing on accessibility, storytelling, and human-centered design


Senior Project: The Self Love App 


This is my senior project for the Interactive Media Project I completed at Centennial College.

I created a self love app for users whose goal is to rebuild a relationship with themselves through self-compassion, self care, and the act of self parenting. This app will help users build a personal self love plan by providing them the opportunity to choose what daily self compassion exercises they would like to complete. Users will complete daily exercises in the form of “rituals”; including exercises such as meditations, roleplays, and journaling. Furthermore, this app will provide daily validation, affirmations, and wisdom to emulate a friendship and/or familial relationship, while also providing motivation, encouragement, and positive reinforcement. Ultimately, the app will help the users feel a sense of connection and purpose with themselves and the world. In turn, this will encourage them to strive for their goals.


Storyworks Project: Malicki Sanchez Law 

For our Storyworks project my team, called Hashtag Win, worked with the law firm Malicki Sanchez Law. The purpose of this project was to optimize Malicki Sanchez Law’s website and current content,, and to provide strategic recommendations based on competitive research to help the law firm enhance its overall website design and user experience into the future. The objective was to provide the client with an effective action plan detailing a long-term strategy to enhance users’ experience and global reach, while preserving Malicki Sanchez Law’s quality services and brand that its long-term clients have grown to know and trust.

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